Nairne Paul Trophy Finals

Year Winner Runner up Score Venue Attendance Officials
2018-19Saxton Rovers Res.Lambourn Sports Res.1-0 AETMilton United167OfficialsOfficalsOfficialsReferee: Simon Witting
Assistant Referees: Duncan Francis and Euzebio Mohr
4th Official: Bob Doolan
2017-18Not ContestedOfficialsOfficalsOfficialsReferee:
Assistant Referees: and
4th Official:
2016-17Kintbury Res.Lambourn Sports Res.2-1Milton United126OfficialsOfficalsOfficialsReferee: Ryan Stubbs
Assistant Referees: Mark Cotter and Thomas Basford
4th Official: Mark Niemirski
2015-16Kintbury Res.Wallingford Town Res3-0Milton United114OfficialsOfficalsOfficialsReferee: Keith Godfrey
Assistant Referees: Paul Boyles and Ryan Stubbs
4th Official: Duncan Francis
2014-15Ardington & Lockinge ResKintbury Res.4-0Abingdon Town116OfficialsOfficalsOfficialsReferee: Paul Dick
Assistant Referees: Mark Niemirski and Roger Stevens
4th Official: Duncan Francis
2013-14Saxton Rovers Res.Kintbury Res.2-1 AETAbingdon Town202OfficialsOfficalsOfficialsReferee: Richie Bush
Assistant Referees: Andrew Caven and Thomas Kelly
4th Official: Darren Hill
2012-13Childrey United ResAbingdon United Res3-2Abingdon Town203OfficialsOfficalsOfficialsReferee: Robert Bright
Assistant Referees: Andy Plaistow and Nick Shadbolt
4th Official: Les Addison
2011-12Marcham ReservesShrivenham 'A'2-0Abingdon United127OfficialsOfficalsOfficialsReferee: Trevor Pitson
Assistant Referees: Duncan Francis and Matthew Bucknell
4th Official: Andrew Bucknell
2010-11Drayton ReservesBenson Reserves3-2Abingdon United263OfficialsOfficalsOfficialsReferee: John Barlow
Assistant Referees: G.Long and M.Bullock
4th Official: W.Day
2009-10Didcot Casuals Res.Shrivenham 'A'2-0Abingdon UnitedOfficialsOfficalsOfficialsReferee: C.Browning
Assistant Referees: M.Billinge-Jones and D.Francis
4th Official: D.Taylor
2008-09Shrivenham 'A'Saxton Rovers Res.2-1Abingdon UnitedOfficialsOfficalsOfficialsReferee: L.Addison
Assistant Referees: M.Fernandez and P.Dick
4th Official: M.Cotter
2007-08Ardington & Lockinge ResEast Hendred Res.4-1Abingdon UnitedOfficialsOfficalsOfficialsReferee: M.Fernandez
Assistant Referees: M.Billinge-Jones and G.Beldaus
4th Official: M.Bullock
2006-07Wootton & Dry Sandford Res.Lambourn Sports Res.5-1WallingfordOfficialsOfficalsOfficialsReferee: R.Axton
Assistant Referees: J.Barlow and H.Rose
4th Official: W.Mufiri
2005-06A.F.C. Wallingford 'A'Blewbury Res.2-0WallingfordOfficialsOfficalsOfficialsReferee: P.Kelly
Assistant Referees: C.Browning and P.Dick
4th Official: L.Newton
2004-05A.F.C. Wallingford 'A'Coleshill United. Res.8-0Milton UnitedOfficialsOfficalsOfficialsReferee: G.Winsor
Assistant Referees: H.Rose and R.Dumelow
4th Official: R.Stapley
2003-04A.F.C. Wallingford 'A'Saxton Rovers Res.1-1 (3-1 on pens)Abingdon UnitedOfficialsOfficalsOfficialsReferee: D.Smith
Assistant Referees: J.Searcombe and J.Nicholl
4th Official: D.Taylor
2002-03Shrivenham Res.Kintbury Res.2-1Milton UnitedOfficialsOfficalsOfficialsReferee: I.Brown
Assistant Referees: G.Holmes and J.McGuire
4th Official: M.Billinge-Jones
2001-02Shrivenham Res.A.F.C. Wallingford 'A'3-2Abingdon UnitedOfficialsOfficalsOfficialsReferee: G.Brewer
Assistant Referees: H.Rose and T.Pitson
4th Official: J.McGuire
2000-01A.F.C. Wallingford 'A'Shrivenham Res.1-0Abingdon UnitedOfficialsOfficalsOfficialsReferee: G.Gibbard
Assistant Referees: G.Brewer and P.Kelly
4th Official: I.Brown
1999-00Faringdon Town Res.Saxton Rovers Res.0-0 (4-2 on pens)Milton UnitedOfficialsOfficalsOfficialsReferee: A.Higgins
Assistant Referees: R.Axton and G.Scott
4th Official: J.Brooks
1998-99Harwell International Res.Blewbury Reserves3-2WantageOfficialsOfficalsOfficialsReferee: M.Pickett
Assistant Referees: M.Panting and M.Edwards
4th Official:
1997-98Harwell International Res.Long Wittenham Res.4-2WantageOfficialsOfficalsOfficialsReferee: R.Matthews
Assistant Referees: A.Loutit and H.Hercus
4th Official:
1996-97Thatcham 'A'Faringdon Town Res.2-1 AETLambournOfficialsOfficalsOfficialsReferee: M.Panting
Assistant Referees: P.Roberts and G.Gibbard
4th Official:


Analysis of Winners:
A.F.C. Wallingford 'A'

Ardington & Lockinge Res, Harwell International Res., Kintbury Res., Saxton Rovers Res., Shrivenham Res.

Childrey United Res, Didcot Casuals Res., Drayton Reserves, Faringdon Town Res., Marcham Reserves, Not Contested, Shrivenham 'A', Thatcham 'A', Wootton & Dry Sandford Res.,

Analysis of Runners Up:
Kintbury Res., Lambourn Sports Res., Saxton Rovers Res.

Shrivenham 'A'

A.F.C. Wallingford 'A', Abingdon United Res, Benson Reserves, Blewbury Res., Blewbury Reserves, Coleshill United. Res., East Hendred Res., Faringdon Town Res., Long Wittenham Res., Shrivenham Res., Wallingford Town Res,