AG Kingham Cup Finals

Year Winners Runners-up Score Notes Attendance Officials Presentation
2021-22Long Wittenham ResMarcham Reserves4-2OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: Andrew Caven
Assistant Referees: Trevor Pitson and Kevin Walker
4th Official: David Foulks
2020-21No CompetitionOfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee:
Assistant Referees: and
4th Official:
2019-20Not ConcludedOfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee:
Assistant Referees: and
4th Official:
2018-19Hagbourne Utd ResEast Hendred Res 3-0138OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: C.Emery
Assistant Referees: M.Wilde and A.Buckberry
4th Official: J.Barlow
J and Mrs D.Blackmore ( Sec and Chairman of Abingdon Utd)
2017-18Saxton Rovers ResArdington Res 2-1130OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: P.Dick
Assistant Referees: T.Pitson and S.Stoodley
4th Official: R.Stevens
J.Sopp (Secretary of Hunderford Swifts)
2016-17Coleshill Utd ResGrove Rangers Res 2-0143OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: D.Francis
Assistant Referees: S.Witting and I.Issac
4th Official: D.Foulkes
J.Williams ( Secretary of Lambourn Sports )
2015-16Kintbury Rangers ResEast Hendred Res 3-2126OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: S.Phipps
Assistant Referees: T.Basford and O.Sharp
4th Official: D.Edwards
Miss L.verrall ( Chief Executive officer of Berks and Bucks )
2014-15Kintbury Rangers ResEast Hendred Res 3-1156OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: A.Woodley
Assistant Referees: T.Pitson and P.Boyles
4th Official: G.Manyange
J.Higgs ( Former Fixture Secretary NBFL)
2013-14Wallingford ResBerinsfield Res 7-2113OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: J.Ramsbottom
Assistant Referees: G.Winsor and A.Bradshaw
4th Official: P.Boyles
D.Hutchinson ( Chairman of the NBRA )
2012-13Coleshill Utd ResWantage Town A 5-0130OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: A.Lewis
Assistant Referees: I.Brown and T.Kelly
4th Official: M.Cotter
S.Mulford ( Chairman of East Hendred )
2011-12Wantage Town AShrivenham A 2-1191OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: A.Plaistow
Assistant Referees: R.Brayfield and A.Dean
4th Official: S.Southby
M.Stenzhorn ( Chairman of Stanford )
2010-11Benson ResFaringdon Town Res 2-0153OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: T.Pitson
Assistant Referees: M.Billinge-Jones and I.Vallance
4th Official: R.Bright
J.Loftin ( Life President of NBFL )
2009-10Benson ResKintbury Rangers Res 5-4AetOfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: G.Long
Assistant Referees: T.Pitson and A.Plaistow
4th Official: A.Davis
B.Warman ( Referee )
2008-09Saxton Rovers ResDrayton Res 2-1OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: I.Brown
Assistant Referees: C.Browning and M.Cotter
4th Official: D.Caven
C.Roberts ( Former Chairman of NBFL )
2007-08Lambourn Sports ResFaringdon Town Res 1-0OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: G.Winsor
Assistant Referees: B.Whitty and R.Stapley
4th Official: T.Pitson
M.Houseman ( Former Referee )
2006-07Shrivenham AGrove Rangers Res 3-1OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: A.Gifford
Assistant Referees: L.Newton and C.Browning
4th Official: J.Williamson
A.Keen ( Former Disc Secretary NBFL )
2005-06Kintbury Rangers ResShrivenham A 5-0OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: T.Broad
Assistant Referees: L.Addison and J.Nicholl
4th Official: D.Taylor
M.Jenkins(President of the Hellenic FL)
2004-05Wallingford AKintbury Rangers Res 5-0OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: D.Rich
Assistant Referees: A.Gifford and D.Taylor
4th Official: L.Spassov
M.Holder ( Secretary of Buckland )
2003-04Shrivenham ResWallingford A 1-0OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: C.O'Hanlon
Assistant Referees: M.Fernandez and R.Dumelow
4th Official: J.Barlow
A.Wells ( Vice Chairman of NBFL)
2002-03Drayton ResStanford ITV Res 3-2OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: P.Kelly
Assistant Referees: D.Edwards and T.Pitson
4th Official: G.Brewer
T.Davis( Secretary of Hagbourne United)
2001-02Shrivenham ResLambourn Res 2-1AetOfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: G.Winsor
Assistant Referees: G.Lane and A.Pettis
4th Official: M.Fernandez
Miss A.Dale( Granddaughter of NBFL Treasurer)
2000-01No CompetitionOfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee:
Assistant Referees: and
4th Official:
1999-00Saxton Rovers ResShrivenham Res 3-2OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: J.Hitchin
Assistant Referees: M.Fox and J.Ramsbottom
4th Official: D.Giddings
B.Moore (Secretary of Berks and Bucks FA)
1998-99Stanford ITV ResHarwell Int Res 3-1OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: R.Matthews
Assistant Referees: L.Paddock and T.Mercer
4th Official:
E.Tilley ( Chairman of NBFL)
1997-98Sutton Courtenay ResLong Wittenham Res 3-1OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: G.Gibbard
Assistant Referees: M.Pickett and A.Marcham
4th Official:
N.Harris ( President of NBRA)
1996-97Drayton ResSutton Courtenay Res 2-1OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: M.Fox
Assistant Referees: R.Axton and J.Davies
4th Official:
W.Gosling ( President of NBFL )
1995-96Stanford ITV ResBlewbury Res 1-0OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: L.Paddock
Assistant Referees: A.Holmes and N.Walker
4th Official:
P.Ladbrook ( Secretary of the Oxfordshire FA )
1994-95Thatcham Town ASaxton Rovers Res 2-1OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: B.Dancer
Assistant Referees: T.Walton and H.Hercus
4th Official:
1993-94Botley United ResSaxton Rovers Res 2-1AetOfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: L.Blowing
Assistant Referees: R.Wirdman and A.Loutit
4th Official:
1992-93Lambourn Sports ResBerinsfield Res 2-0OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: W.McKnight
Assistant Referees: J.Samways and R.Desmond
4th Official:
P.Evans ( Chairman of Abingdon united)
1991-92Challow ResHarwell Village Res 3-0OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: I.Thomas
Assistant Referees: H.Lucas and M.Evans
4th Official:
1990-91Saxton Rovers ResAERE Harwell Res 1-0OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: R.Warman
Assistant Referees: R.Pigden and D.Rich
4th Official:
A.Cook ( Grandson of A.G.Kingham)
1989-90Letcombe ResFaringdon Town Res 4-1OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: D.Warwick
Assistant Referees: T.Gladwell and G.Gibbard
4th Official:
A.Cook ( Grandson of A.G.Kingham)
1988-89Miton Utd ResSaxton Rovers Res 4-2AetOfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: M.Panting
Assistant Referees: T.Gladwell and D.Sibbett
4th Official:
Mrs M.Cook ( Daughter of A.G.Kingham)
1987-88Saxton Rovers ResDidcot Casual Res 2-1AetOfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: P.Hanlon
Assistant Referees: D.Hardisty and J.Martin
4th Official:
Mrs M.Cook ( Daughter of A.G.Kingham)
1986-87Letcombe ResMilton United Res 3-2OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: H.Crabb
Assistant Referees: T.Quenault and P.Armstrong
4th Official:
Mrs M.Cook ( Daughter of A.G.Kingham)
1985-86Harwell Res Saxton Rovers Res 3-1OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: R.West
Assistant Referees: M.Panting and D.Merchant
4th Official:
Mrs M.Cook ( Daughter of A.G.Kingham)
1984-85Harwell Res Saxton Rovers Res 2-1OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: A.Alder
Assistant Referees: R.Warman and R.Wood
4th Official:
Mrs M.Cook ( Daughter of A.G.Kingham)
1983-84Harwell Res Kintbury Rangers Res 2-1OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: P.Roberts
Assistant Referees: N.Rickard and P.Spracklen
4th Official:
G.Davis ( President of NBFL )
1982-83Didcot Casual ResKintbury Rangers Res 3-1OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: E.Tilley
Assistant Referees: G.Lamprey and M.Richardson
4th Official:
A.Cook ( Grandson of A.G.Kingham)
1981-82Harwell Res Kintbury Rangers Res 1-1AetOfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: B.Keen
Assistant Referees: B.Prior and P.Shuttle
4th Official:
1981-82Harwell Res Kintbury Rangers Res 3-1ReplayOfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: B.Keen
Assistant Referees: B.Prior and P.Shuttle
4th Official:
1980-81Harwell Res Shrivenham Res 3-0OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: D.Lucas
Assistant Referees: I.Ivory and R.Matthews
4th Official:
Mrs M.Cook (Daughter of A.G.Kingham)
1979-80Lambourn Sports ResFaringdon Town Res 1-1AetOfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: J.Goodall
Assistant Referees: D.Weeden and C.East
4th Official:
1979-80Lambourn Sports ResFaringdon Town Res 4-3ReplayOfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: J.Goodall
Assistant Referees: D.Weeden and C.East
4th Official:
Mrs M.Cook (Daughter of A.G.Kingham)
1978-79Faringdon Town ResShrivenham Res 3-1OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: H.Lucas
Assistant Referees: M.Jefferies and M.Smith
4th Official:
F.Lester ( North Berks Council)
1977-78Lambourn Sports ResFaringdon Town Res 3-1OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: T.Straughan
Assistant Referees: J.Goodhall and R.Stock
4th Official:
Mrs M.Cook (Daughter of A.G.Kingham)
1976-77Faringdon Town ResSaxton Rovers Res 2-0OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: R.Smith
Assistant Referees: P.Everall and M.Summersbee
4th Official:
G.Cook ( Son in law of A.G Kingham)
1975-76Faringdon Town ResSaxton Rovers Res 2-0OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: P.West
Assistant Referees: H.Lucas and R.Matthews
4th Official:
G.Cook ( Son in law of A.G Kingham )
1974-75Long Wittenham ResFaringdon Town Res 2-0OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: P.Ackrill
Assistant Referees: T.Gale and D.Smith
4th Official:
Mrs M.Cook ( Daughter of A.G Kingham )
1973-74Faringdon Town ResSutton Courtenay Res 4-1OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: K.Pattinson
Assistant Referees: R.Dennett and R.Bishop
4th Official:
Mrs M.Cook ( Daughter of A.G Kingham )
1972-73Bampton Town ResHanney Res 7-1OfficialsOfficialsOfficialsReferee: N.Harris
Assistant Referees: J.Goodall and D.Wooloff
4th Official:
F.Kelly ( Wootton Donors of the A.G. Kingham Cup )



Analysis of Winners:

Harwell Res

Lambourn Sports Res, Saxton Rovers Res

Faringdon Town Res

Kintbury Rangers Res

Benson Res, Coleshill Utd Res, Drayton Res, Letcombe Res, Long Wittenham Res, No Competition, Shrivenham Res, Stanford ITV Res

Bampton Town Res, Botley United Res, Challow Res, Didcot Casual Res, Hagbourne Utd Res, Miton Utd Res, Not Concluded, Shrivenham A, Sutton Courtenay Res, Thatcham Town A, Wallingford Res, Wallingford A, Wantage Town A,

Analysis of Runners Up:

Faringdon Town Res, Saxton Rovers Res

Kintbury Rangers Res

East Hendred Res, Shrivenham Res

Berinsfield Res, Grove Rangers Res, Shrivenham A, Sutton Courtenay Res

AERE Harwell Res, Ardington Res, Blewbury Res, Didcot Casual Res, Drayton Res, Hanney Res, Harwell Int Res, Harwell Village Res, Lambourn Res, Long Wittenham Res, Marcham Reserves, Milton United Res, Stanford ITV Res , Wallingford A, Wantage Town A,